Here is the premier of the amazing interactive video created at the JPB-K4P Leadership Camp this summer.  The kids have captured a great deal more footage and will be putting more stories together, but they hope you enjoy this.  

The interactive nature of this video allows you to go back many times to watch different clips, so please do that and share it with your friends.

Blessings to all who support this amazing project and the bigger promise of peace throughout the world.  

Shalom.  Salaam.  Peace be with you!

- Deacon Bill Cusano

Click on START to view.  You will have menu choices throughout the video to see one or more of the highlights of the Three Sabbath days as filmed by the camp participants.  

What does Peace look like?

The Elijah Project headed up to Brattleboro, Vermont on an amazing story hunt.  We worked with these amazing, courageous teenagers in the leadership program of Jerusalem Peacebuilders and Kids4Peace.  The powerful combination of talented counselors, volunteers and representatives compiled by these two organizations is changing the way all of us look at conflict and the possibilities for peace in our lifetime.  

Dealing with real topics, face to face, learning to listen to each other without judging, without hatred, without fear, the leaders who graduate from this camp will take the friendships they've built and the skills they've learned and show all of us how to live as one family.  

Your donation through the Elijah Project will help us continue to share the stories of these Peacebuilders and many more to come.  Won't you join us?  

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Thank you for watching the first video produced by this remarkable group.